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Your phone can be a guardian, not a distraction

Every year 1,200,000 people die in car accidents worldwide - a huge percentage of these are caused by mobile phones.

DriveAngel believe phones should enhance your journey while increasing your safety.

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80% of accidents involve some form of driver distraction three seconds prior to the incident. Many of these are a result of loud music, calls, texts or other mobile notifications.

After 5 years of research and testing we have now settled on an algorithm that can reduce distractions and save lives.



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Our Mission

DriveAngel’s mission is to change the way we use our phones when driving.
Rather than a social tool to stay updated with the latest news we believe when driving your phone should help increase your safety.
Using your phone while driving is an unfortunate habit most motorists currently have that DriveAngel can assist you with.
DriveAngel also provides you with the security of accident monitoring, ensuring assistance is sent immediately in the event of a crash. If we can save just one life by keeping motorist’s attention on the road then we will have achieved our goals with DriveAngel.



Driver Distraction

80% of accidents occur within 3 seconds of driver distraction. By minimising distractions we can reduce accidents and save lives.  DriveAngel prevents driver distraction in a few key ways:

70% of accidents take place because drivers are distracted by calls and messages. DriveAngel removes this distraction by allowing you to block phone calls and notifications. Callers will receive a message stating that you are driving and will return their call on arrival. (N.B. You can take calls while using DriveAngel)

Driver fatigue is the second most common cause of road deaths. DriveAngel monitors the minutes and miles since your last break and, once a pre-set limit is reached, will remind you to take a break. Stretching your arms and legs, and rehydrating are proven to help keep you focused on the road.

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Excessive noise is proven to adversely affect your concentration. To combat this distraction DriveAngel notifies users when they need to turn the volume down.


Accident Monitoring

Should you be involved in an accident, Drive Angel will automatically communicate the location and circumstances of your accident to the emergency services, additionally notifying your Personal Angels.
If DriveAngel has detected any of the several parameters indicating that your car has crashed, it will trigger an alert to our 24/7 call centre, informing them of critical information including:

  • Exact GPS location
  • Speed before the crash
  • Vehicle details
  • Driver medical details - blood type, regular medications and allergies.

As a result, the time between the crash and medical intervention can be halved. This saving and the accuracy provided could save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Optionally any accident alerts can also be sent to your Personal Angels, letting them know your locations and further accident details.


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How does it work?

Once the application is switched on, the user's mobile phone starts transmitting a “heart beat”, meaning a small data packet is sent to the server in regular intervals. This information is processed on our server and the user’s status can be seen.

If the algorithm concludes that there has been an accident the call centre operator gets an alert. Within a few seconds, the operator willinitiate a phone call to the user to manually check whether or not a real accident occurred.
While making the call, the operator receives the first data packet AFTER the accident, confirming the mobile phone is still functioning.
At this moment, the operator faces one of two possible scenarios:

1) User FAILS to respond to a call but the subsequent data packet confirms the phone is still working (or there was no subsequent data packet suggesting the mobile phone was destroyed). This indicates an accident has occurred and the operator alerts the emergency services, forwarding the following information:

  • Precise location of the accident
  • Vehicle make, model, registration number, colour, model, year
  • Relevant medical data about the user:
    • Age
    • Blood group
    • Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
    • Regular medications
    • Anything else that may be relevant

2) User answers the operator's call, proceeding in either of 2 ways:

  • Confirming the occurrence of an accident - the operator alerts the emergency services as above.
The user reports that the alert was false/inadvertent - the operator recalls the emergency services (if dispatched). In these instances, the data packets are analysed and improvements to the algorithm can be made. 



  • DriveAngel is an IOS or Android based app
  • Preventing the most common distractions causing car accidents (cabin volume, phone calls, fatigue, speed/aggressive driving)
  • Automatic accident monitoring and emergency service notification
  • A system that can facilitate Pay As You Go/ Telematics/ Black Box Insurance without the cost (around £200) and hassle of installing a black box.


    DriveAngel helps you focus on driving without distractions, the best way of avoiding accidents.



    Once the smartphone starts moving faster than 12 mph, the user receives an alert, notifying them that the app has turned on.

    For optimal accuracy users are advised to manually start the app the moment they get behind the wheel, in order to develop a habit in the same way they routinely reach for the safety belts.

    Upon reaching his/her destination, the application should be turned off. If they forget to do so, the DA application will quickly prompt this.


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    All Pro users receive an iBeacon that is easily registered to your vehicle and attached to a flat surface on the inside of your car. This interacts with your phone using Bluetooth technology allowing the app to run in the background whenever you are driving.

    This greatly increases the accuracy of the app and reduces the manual input required by the user.

    Personal Angels

    DriveAngel can protect you and those you care about.
    We aim to create a community without requiring you to check in or update people on your progress.

    Personal Angels are nominated people close to you who will Receive automatic notification when you start driving, asking them not to call or text.

    Receive automatic notification when you arrive safely at the destination

    Receive a unique "follow me" link. This can be used to see, in real time, where you are and how you’re driving.

    With DriveAngel you are able to stay safe while putting the mind at ease of those you care for.

    “Invite Personal Angels”

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    About Us

    Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO,
    Predrag Popovic, CIO
    Vlatko Fras, product manager
    Nenad Kljaic, CTO
    Rory Buckley, Marketing manager
    Antonio Grginovic, European sales
    Jovica Popovic, Application development

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